Try Ride & Covid guidelines

As British Cycling announce the re-introduction of the club rides, we bring you up to speed on the latest cycling guidance.

From March 29th, Bury Clarion, as a British Cycling affiliated Club, re-started club rides in groups of up to 15.

Anyone wanting to join us on a “Try Ride” before committing to membership should submit this form and also if possible contact us via Facebook.

These Club rides will be subject to a series of Covid mitigation measures, one metre social distancing while riding, two metre social distancing while not riding, and guidance covering hygiene, equipment sharing and self-sufficiency.

Strong hand hygiene should be practiced by all involved before, during and after
all cycling activity.

Below is a list of ” Best practice”. This is just an excerpt from the full British Cycling guidance to which a link is to be found below.

2.3 During the activity

2.3.1 Participants must practice good respiratory hygiene during the activity
(i.e. coughing, sneezing into a tissue or the crook of an elbow).
2.3.2 Riders will be required to maintain a ‘one metre plus’ distance from others
while riding.
2.3.3 When riding two abreast, we advise that riders should aim to stay beside
the same rider for as much of the ride as possible
2.3.4 Clubs and groups which do not feel confident or comfortable riding in
groups of 15 at this stage are permitted and encouraged to set a lower limit which
is appropriate for their own circumstances.
2.3.5 Ensure all health and safety and emergency First aid guidelines are followed.
2.3.6 Participants must provide their own equipment and refreshments and avoid
sharing the like of water bottles and food.
2.3.7 Exercise within your personal physical and technical limitations to try and
avoid additional burden on the NHS and the First aiders present.
2.3.8 In line with government guidelines, masks or face coverings are not
required while taking part in cycling activities. All forms of face coverings may
restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise unless your
doctor advises it.

2.3.8 Refreshment stops are permitted, however at these points you should
default to the Government’s general guidance for social meetings and split into
wholly separate groups of no more than six riders. Individuals shouldn’t move
between different groups during your stop.

The full guidance pdf (The_Way_Forward_-_Groups_and_Clubs_-_March_2021.pdf) can be found via this link.

Risk assessment: