VTT 50 mile National Championship

by Joanna Cebrat

Velo Club Cumbria (NLTTTA Championship)

27th July

A story of VTTA 50mile TT national champs told by VTTA.

They have not mentioned that the conditions were very tough and a lot of people DNF. For those who don’t know VTTA is a Veteran Time Trial Association (for 40+) – the older you are the bigger handicap which is called a “standard” you get. Hence they state “the fastest man on standard” (not necessarily the fastest overall). I am one of the youngest VTTA members (41) so my handicap is very little at the moment so I need to go faster to make up. Last Sunday’s race was also an open 50 mile TT attended by some amazing full time pro cyclists waiting for the road race season to restart. Their finish times are from another planet ! So I scratched 2nd on VTTA standard and 3rd overall beaten by an embarrassing 20 minutes by some fastest woman in the country, which I think must be a relative of Beryl Burton! 

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