2022 Club 10’s competition overview

Firstly the racing secretaries would like to thank members who made the effort to submit their 10’s results via the online system and email.

This year 20 members completed the minimum three 10 mile TT events on approved courses .

As Levens still remains a popular oversubscribed course, meaning that slower riders struggle to secure an entry, the race committee decided to keep this course out of the 10’s competition however we accept club record claims from this course. 

The season has been very windy with mixed weather conditions yet we have seen a few PBs along with women’s club 10’s record being broken twice by Katherine Swithenbank and Joanna Cebrat.

The most popular course remains Southport D33/10. 

Let’s have a look how our members performed.

Nigel Hood

Nigel has made an amazing come back with great results on the Southport D33/10 course of 23:53, 24:10 and 24:12. It is always good to bump into him in Southport

Chris Maffei

Chris, as a veteran rider debuting in the time trials this season, has surprised many experienced and younger racing members with his strong form. His best 3 results from the approved Southport course D33/10 are 23:32, 23:53 and 23:57.

He is planning to ride 21 min next season and we bet he will do! 

David Isherwood

David is one of the fastest veterans in the region regularly beating much younger riders on the slowish courses. He is also a national 10 mile age group (G) champion! David’s best achievements are 23.21 (V714) 23:40 (L101) and 23.30 (D10/23R)

John Bunting

Dave’s race buddy, John, is now a grandfather (congratulations!!!) but he still found time to race last year and submitted great results despite his granddaughter keeping him busy!

His season bests are 23:28 (D33/10), 24:20 (D33/10) and 24:23 (D10/23R)

John Stirzaker

John is another fast veteran who has been representing the club for about 3 years.

John is now his own coach and combined with his holistic approach to training and diet, ably supported by his nutritionist wife Alex, he has gone dangerously fast this season! His 3 best results are from the D33/10 course: 22:15, 22:48 and 23:14

Dave Driver 

Dave has made a few appearances in the Southport evening 10s and we look forward to seeing him more often next season! His season best results are 25:49, 26:40 and 26:12

Katherine Swithenbank

Katherine is enjoying a 2nd chance in her racing career (check her junior stats) and has made us proud competing mainly in the Manchester and District Ladies Cycling association events clocking 25:52, 26:19 and 24:39 in Southport. It is worth mentioning that she also broke the Club 10 record on Levens 22:57 which Joanna had to work hard to get back. No doubt Katherine will make another record breaking attempt in 2023.

Neil Swithenbank

Neil is coming back towards the form and results achieved when he was a young pro rider. It is an absolute honour for the Club to attract racers like Neil and Katherine . They have been a great addition and made us proud on several occasions not only in the 10’s.

Neil has clocked 22:40 and 22:44 on a very slow J course and 21:57 in Southport

Mark Jones 

Mark has been racing 10s on tired legs last season but he still managed to put together 3 decent rides in Southport clocking 22:35, 23:00, and 24:49. Santa brought him a fancy TT helmet for Christmas so PB’s next season are guaranteed.

Joanna Cebrat

Jo has been using Southport 10’s as part of her training, usually on heavy legs after Tuesday and Wednesday sessions, hence she was a minute slower than last year but it led to some great long distance achievements so she’s not complaining! She clocked 24:07, 24:09, 24:22 (D33/10)

The first two places in the 10’s competition were taken by Kevin and Joe and we were sad not to have James Duffy giving them a run for their money but we hear James has now moved house and built himself a training cave so we expect a big return in 2023.

Will we see our Francis Woodcock coming back from his gap year next season too, to make them work even harder?

Kevin Blades 

Kevin had an amazing season and challenged the best Manchester District association racers on slow J courses. His best 10’s are 21:57, 22:07 and 22:13.

Joseph Cadwallader

Joe has submitted the fastest three 10 mile TT results. 

Joe is a veteran on a mission to beat the best juniors in the region and he has been successful on several occasions! Joe’s best are 22:00, 21:32, 20:47 (D33/10)

Nicola Cadwallader

Joe’s better half Nicola has had an amazing season and we would like to propose her for the National Clarion best novice award, however, she has submitted 3 great results from qualifying courses: Southport 26:36, Bashall/Edisford 28.34 and 27.53

Caroline MacFarlane

Caroline has raced this season with very respectable results. She broke her PB in Southport finishing the 10 mile course sub 30min for the first time. Best Results: Southport 30.25 & 29.29 & Bashall 31.28

Simon Diggins 

Simon has been busy building the 360 Cycling business and managed to achieve some good TT results as well:

Riding in Southport he achieved 23:43, and 22.26 and on the L101 course he recorded 23.39

Our former TT club multi champ Andy Horner (now second claim) is still seen regularly in Southport either racing or marshaling.

His season bests on that course are 22.48 (2x) and 22.54

Rob Doyle

Rob, better known as famous Maya’s dad has had a wonderful first season of racing and would be even more successful if he hadn’t get lost during a few TTs! He submitted 3 very good results for the 10s… 24.59 in Salt Ayre, 26.49 Hapton and 25:22 in Bashall – all three courses are not very fast so very well done Rob!

Davey & Joe Allanson

The Allanson brothers, Davey and Joe, have enjoyed a really good season and they are currently our fastest juniors. We’re looking forward to seeing what 2023 has in store for them.

Davey has recorded the same time twice in Southport 25:49, and 27:06 in Cheshire.

His brother Joe has recorded 26:26, 27:14 and 27:06

Toby Diggins 

Toby is another promising junior who has also been representing the club in 2022 with very good results, 29:35 in Southport, 28.57 in Eddisford and 28.43 in Salt Ayre

10’s results 2022