Racing & BAR

As we head into 2024 we’re looking forward to some great racing opportunities

We are a friendly, competitive bunch and welcome new members to come and join us when training and at events. To join Bury Clarion as a race member is just £20 per year, you do not need to live in the borough of Bury, to join.

The BAR Champion is a season long competition based on points awarded for individual performances in the club championship events listed.

2024 Bury Clarion BAR & TT Championship

Proposed Dates and Events

All results to be submitted by racing members individually via our website  

What is club BAR competition?  

The BAR (Best All Rounder) championship is the most exciting and inclusive competition in the club’s calendar and is based on a points scoring system, awarding individual performances in the club championship events which include Classic Time Trials, Hilly Time Trials, Hill Climbs (HCs), Road Race, Cyclocross and traditionally the National Clarion Crit race.  

  • All members are encouraged to take part and have a go in any event; 
  • You must submit a minimum of 4 results to qualify in the Open BAR or compete in a minimum of 2 categories in the Female BAR;  
  • Your best 4 results determine which member is Champion; 
  • At least one but no more than 2 of these are to be Classic Time Trials;   
  • No more than 2 events in any one category (Classic Time Trial / Mountain Time Trial/ Hill Climb / CX / Criterium and/or Road Race) can be counted towards the total individual points; 
  • In case of a tie break the best five highest number of points are counted. 

Points awarded in each qualifying event are: 1st – 20 points, 2nd – 15 points 3rd -12 points 4th – 10 points 5th – 8 points. If there are more than 5 riders in any one competition then one less point is recorded for each position 

Club Classic Time Trial Trophies explained :  

1. 25 miles TT trophy (male & female) is awarded for the fastest ride on the same day and same course*. 

2. 50 miles TT trophy (male & female)  – rules as 25 same day same course. 

3. 100 miles TT trophy (male & female)  – rules as 25 and 50 above 

4. Club TT trophy (male & female)  – combined result of your season best 25, 50 and 100 miles TT. You can either submit results from the set club events described above OR results from alternative events from our local J,D,V and L courses.**  

We will also accept results from National events RTTC and VTTA and National Clarion events held during the race season on other than the permitted courses. This is to encourage club members to represent the club in national events.  

5. 10s trophy (male & female) which is awarded based on your 3 season best 10 results on approved courses (excl Levens and Hull)… can be open events (A) or so called evening 10s (B – club events) *** We will also accept results from National events RTTC and VTTA and National Clarion events held during the race season on other than the permitted courses. This is to encourage club members to represent the club in national events 

6. 10 mile Handicap trophy is usually held on a local 10 mile TT course mid-week, usually 7pm. The trophy is awarded to the fastest rider on handicap, not the fastest rider on the day. This is an opportunity for all club members and less frequent racers to win the legendary club trophy.   

Club Hill Climb Trophy explained:  

A hill climb trophy (male & female) is awarded for the fastest rider on Lumb Carr Lane at the annual Bury Clarion Hill Climb which usually takes place on first Tuesday of June (7pm)  

Trackman Of the Year trophy explained:  

Trackman of the year is selected by the Race Committee and based on performances on and off the track. 


*min 2 participants required. If only 1 club member competes separate rules apply – see Bury Clarion Rules   

** J courses – Manchester and Cheshire East, D courses – Liverpool and Cheshire West, L – Lancashire and Cumbria; V – Yorkshire  

*** min 2 participants in each gender competition must submit results from min 3 qualifying events. If you submit more than 3 your best 3 results will be taken into account. Joanna will prepare a calendar of our local evening 10s (B) events when they are announced – usually end of March. The evening 10s run from mid April – end of August Monday – Thursday.  

Bury Clarion Racing Committee reserves their rights to amend the race calendar during the racing season. Cancelled events will be replaced with alternative events. As soon as National Clarion announces dates of National Clarion Championships, we will try to incorporate them into our race calendar (subject to travel distance).   


Season Long 10’s Competition

10s Champion – 3 fastest 10s in a season on any CTT recognised course excluding Levens and Hull – Please enter your first three 10m TT results via the following link and there-after anytime you go faster than your slowest entry.  You have 4 weeks from the date you raced to enter a result, if you fail to enter it. Then as far as the competition goes it didn’t happen..!

Are You looking to Race!

Most time trial events, Sporting Courses, Crits and Hill climbs are listed on and

There are also a lot of local club events and classic’s, Memorial TT’s, Charity races, MTB Cross country, Open Adventure that take place throughout the year that members might want to take part in and myself and hopefully other members will post details on our Facebook page as the dates approach.

Time Trial’s – Apart from organised events from the time trial website above a lot of local clubs do weekly Open TT’s where you can turn up, pay a small fee (£4 ish) and take part. Most clubs will usually let you race once or twice then they require you to be a member of an affiliated club like Bury Clarion.

Bury Clarion is affiliated with the NLTTA (North Lancs Time Trial Association) and we use their organised events for our club championships.

The Club is also affiliated to the MDTTA and the MDLTTA

Almost every Monday evening between May and August, Stockport Clarion run a 10m TT –

Every Tuesday from April onwards Rossendale road club do a 10 mile (slightly hilly) Time trial at Hapton. (near Accrington)

Every other Wednesday from April to September, Settle Wheelers do a 10m Hilly TT over in Bolton in Bowland – www.settlew

Also on a Wednesday from April till September St Helens Road club organise a 10 mile TT –

Every Thursday from April to September Southport Cycling Club run a 10m TT and a 25m TT on the last Thursday of the month

These are just a few of the local clubs that put on weekly events, you don’t need a TT bike and I suggest you read the following before your first event

Spoco’s – Sporting Course Time Trial Courses
Pretty much like your normal Time Trials, but add hill’s,

North Lancs Time Trials Association Promoting Time Trialing in North Lancs since 1928

Closed Circuit Racing Venues
Tameside, Litherland, Steven Burke Closed Road Circuit in Barrowford. Events can be booked through the British cycling website.

Track League – Manchester Velodrome – Starts autumn, Tuesdays and Friday evenings – You will need to get accredited (safe to race) which is fun all in itself –

Hill Climbs – most happen from September – Bury Clarion run their own on Lumb Carr Rd – Holcombe, gps coordinates . Just turn up, pay and set yourself a target for the following year.

If you haven’t renewed your membership yet please do so and take part in some fantastic racing opportunities.. Please contact Nick Hall to do so.

The list above is in no way comprehensive, but more of a basic guide, Check dates, Times, costs before you travel.

Thanks and good luck