Harry Law Hapton Handicap 10 TT Results

by Jason McDonald: 18th August

Well Done to all who took part. I’m just awaiting some confirmation on a couple of results as a few names were mixed up before publishing the handicap results.. I wasn’t planning on taking photo’s and apologise for quality, but you were all going too fast!

Results below

Pictures link https://www.flickr.com/photos/186537975@N04/?

Simon Diggins 20.37

Joe Cadwallader 21.35

Karl Norman 21.36

David Gamble 22.18

James Richardson 22.20

Francis Woodcock 22.42

Marus Hurst 23.01

Neil Swithenbank 23.06

Gavin Wright 23.30

Mark Jones 23.36

Katherine Swithenbank 23.43

Gary Bradley 23.59

Ken Woodward 24.10

Jake Stubbs 24.18

Caroline Malone 25.27

After a few revisions from RRC I can confirm the winner of this years Handicap Trophy (and a Bottle of Red) is Simon Diggins