After the kit try on night on 20th Jan all orders will be submitted by 31st January for any item of club kit.

Any further requirement to try on kit can be done by attending Shepherds Cycles next week when he will have a selection of items to try on there.





By Joseph Cadwallader

Well what a day and what a course, not one the boys will forget fast ? First of all thanks for all the support, Dylan said he heard the shouting and support up the home straight and just had to go for it!

So first race, how well did Harry Patterson go? I knew this would be one for him, the harder the better with this lad.  His best finish of the year 6th and now 8th in the overall in his first year. Dylan Cadwallader with what I think may of also been his best ride if not his best placing, running is not his thing but he did show some good ability to ride a super hard course (I know as later that day I rode or tried to ride it myself) 11th, this places him 11th in the league with one round left.
Next race Daniel Swithenbank showed a few how to run with his best placing to date a fantastic 14th, Ben Richardson close by in 16th. Dan  is now an amazing 7th in the standings!!!!

Toby had a day to remember, he fell at the start of the first lap and twisted his cleat, that meant he effectively could not ride, great to see him say well I am going to finish no matter what. The usual 3 joined by Daniel Taylor who performed with great promise for 18th. Fraser found the conditions hard but showed a very brave effort.

Massive thanks for the support I know the kids love it.

As for our older members, Michael Hindley, placed 29th, Karl Norman placed 30th , Joseph Cadwallader placed 32nd and Francis Woodcock, placed 20th all had some fun getting round too!